Getting Through the Week

Do you start each week thinking, I just need to get through the week? People are busier and more tired than ever. By Wednesday, the calendar is out of control. By Friday, eyes are glazed over. It doesn’t have to be this way. I’m a work in progress myself,.

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A Response to HBR’s Latest: What’s the Purpose of your Purpose?

Lately, all the cool kids have purpose. It’s well documented that purpose-driven firms outperform their competitors. Customers want to buy from companies that stand for something bigger than just their quarterly targets, and employees want to be part of something bigger than themselves. In an era where BlackRock’s CEO,.

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The Sticky Note System for Avoiding Fire Fighting

Do you sometimes feel like your whole day is spent putting out fires?  You’re not alone. For many people, work is non-stop urgent.  One of my favorite bosses once said, “One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is not allowing themselves enough time for strategic thinking.” It’s easy to.

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5 Steps for Creating a Noble Purpose Organization

When our firm first introduced Noble Purpose, we had a concept, but we weren’t very systematic in our methodology. It was more hit or miss, getting by where we could and figuring things out along the way with our clients. I’m grateful to those early adopters, with their help,.

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Are You Going to be Blindsided by the Future?

We’ll all been there. Things are running smoothly, then whack, seemingly out of nowhere you get hit over the head. You lose your job, your competition takes away your best business or someone in your personal life drops a bomb on you. You never saw it coming, except of.

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