Re-Discover Your Potential with these 3 Mental Hacks

Children are inherent dreamers. They have imaginary friends, create new games, and change direction all the time, viewing the world as a place full of possibility. I watched my own children start a new “business” every weekend, from lemonade stands, to jewelry made from sticks, to “ice sculptures” (i.e..

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Ideas worth sharing – TEDx Peachtree

  I was very excited to be invited to speak at TEDx Peachtree in Atlanta, GA. My talk was posted last week and can be viewed by:  Clicking Here! Please feel free to share.

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Maximize Your Distraction: 3 Criteria for Wasting Time on the Web

I’ve issued an edict, for myself: I’m going to stop wasting time on Facebook and start wasting time on Pinterest. Here’s why: trolling Facebook does nothing for me, but trolling Pinterest ignites my creativity. I’m not alone in my addiction to my distraction devices. True confession, I’ve been in.

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