What You Gain By Approaching Sales with an NSP Mindset

An NSP (Noble Sales Purpose) is not tactic. It’s a strategic shift in the way you approach your business. It’s more than a simple sales technique; it’s a sales leadership approach that turbocharges all other techniques. It’s the missing ingredient a sales force needs to take their performance to the next level.

Whether you’re a vice president of sales, a sales manager, or an aspiring sales leader, you have the power to reframe the way you and your team approach customers.

You gain the following from approaching sales with an NSP mind-set:

  • You become more resourceful as a salesperson, since you’re always looking for ways to help customers’ businesses.
  • Clients take you to the higher-level people in their organizations, because they see you as a resource and not someone with a sales quota.
  • You establish relationships with these higher-level people, because you will have greater impact there.
  • You have a shorter sales cycle. You ask more robust and second-tier questions, delving into critical customer business issues, whereas product-focused people ask low-level manipulative and mechanical questions.
  • You create proposals and presentations that are more persuasive, because they’re organized around the client’s goals, not focused on your product’s or service’s features and benefits.
  • You increase the probability of success with the current opportunity, as well as future opportunities, because you understand the client’s organizational direction.
  • You’re less likely to be seen as a commodity and have pricing issues, because you can map everything to the client’s urgent business goals.
  • You love your job, because you have a more noble purpose than just “selling stuff to make money.”
  • Your job becomes far more interesting, because every opportunity requires new thinking and solutions and is a chance to make a difference.
  • You’re more likely to talk about your job in social situations, and when you do, people are more likely to be interested in hearing about it—since making a difference in people’s lives is exciting.
  • You bring the customer’s voice into your organization, which helps you create better products, services, and marketing.
  • You get better coaching from your boss, because your conversations are about topics deeper than quotas. You speak in depth about client situations and needs.
  • You gain a competitive advantage, because your work becomes a noble calling.
  • You don’t have to “act like” you care about your customers, because you really do care.
  • You’re better able to manage obstacles, because you don’t get defensive and take them personally. You see them for what they are: a simple request for help.
  • You know what really matters to customers; you don’t trot out trite or artificial differentiators.
  • Your work has a larger purpose. Your NSP becomes your North Star, a way of resetting yourself during tough times.

Whether you’re a leading a large organization or running a small group, Selling with Noble Purpose will help you find your NSP and ignite it with your customers and team. You’ll learn how to drive more sales revenue and enjoy your job more while you’re doing it.

I’m going to let you in on a secret: your life is about much more than just making money. It’s about the impact you have on other people. As a sales leader, you have the opportunity to interact with more people in a month than most people do in a year. Every word you say and every action you take has a ripple effect on the people around you.

Don’t ever think for a moment that your job doesn’t matter. It does.

When you know that your job matters, you perform at a higher level and enjoy it more.

I don’t want you to merely like your job; I want you to love your job. When you love your job, your whole life lights up—and so does everyone around you.

You deserve that. We all do.


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