“Lisa Earle McLeod needs to speak at your next event! Lisa was recommended to me by a colleague and I was unfamiliar with her work. However, after working with her leading up to our event and then her delivery, she knocked it out of the park! From a preparation standpoint, she was a true pleasure to work with and happy to go above and beyond to add value to not only our attendees but also our exhibitors, sponsors, and other stakeholders. As to her actual engagement, she had the audience listening to every word, they were participating, they were engaged which is not always easy on an early Monday morning General Session for 1100+ people. She interacted with them, she got them thinking and talking and sharing! As a planner with 20 years of experience, I have zero hesitation recommending Lisa for your next event or project!”

Nikole Fridenmaker
Association of Change Management Professionals

“Out of 63 programs, Lisa McLeod was
the single highest rated speaker of our
entire global conference.”

Tim Cummins, CEO


“Lisa McLeod is one of the highest-rated speakers we’ve ever had. She is a master communicator who has the rare gift of being able to connect with her audience’s heads and hearts.”

Bill Eckstrom, President


Lisa’s most popular programs:

Selling with Noble Purpose

How to Drive Revenue and Do Work That Makes You Proud

We assume that salespeople are primarily motivated by money. We couldn’t be more wrong. Drawing from studies of top performing sales organizations, Lisa reveals why the salespeople who sell with Noble Purpose, those who earnestly and factually understand how they make a difference to their customers, outsell salespeople who are primarily focused on sales targets and money. By attending this program, you will:

  • Understand what a Noble Sales Purpose is, and how an NSP spells the difference between average-performers and top-performers
  • Identify how to use NSP to increase your win rate and get customers engaged
  • Learn techniques to reframe your sales narrative, which will invigorate your organization and garner you internal support
  • Discover why traditional sales coaching has a chilling effect on sales performance, and how to avoid the fatal mistake that sabotages 90% of sales leaders
  • Master the 10-Second Game Changer, a powerful mental technique to reset yourself for high stakes selling situations
  • Leave with concrete strategies for bringing a greater sense of purpose into your work and life

Working with Purpose

How to Use Purpose to be More Persuasive and Influential at Work

We’ve all been there: You present a great idea, it gets rejected, yet two months later someone else presents the same idea and it’s enthusiastically approved.

What happened?

This session is for anyone who needs to take the mystery out of persuasion, so they can get support from colleagues, customers or the boss.

You can’t be successful if you can’t persuade. Drawing from interviews with hundreds of leaders, Lisa reveals the mindsets, skills, and techniques that differentiate the top 2%. In this program you’ll learn:

  • The fatal mistake most people make when they’re trying to persuade
  • A powerful technique for garnering support from senior leaders
  • How to use purpose as a framework to gain agreements quickly and easily
  • The difference between persuading and manipulating (one sticks, the other doesn’t)
  • Why two people who use the exact same words get completely different responses
  • Strategies to master the “your agenda versus my agenda” quagmire
  • How to be successful in the face of ambiguity and change
  • Three surprisingly simple things that exceptional communicators do differently than everyone else

Leading with Noble Purpose

How to Use Purpose to Drive Results, Solve Problems, and Do Work That Makes Everyone Proud

This session is for senior leaders who want to improve morale, increase focus, solve conflicts and lead their teams to better performance.  By attending this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why purpose-driven companies outperform the market by over 350%
  • Why overemphasis on financial targets erodes morale and revenue
  • What to do when your organization has lost its sense of purpose
  • How to master the “your agenda versus my agenda” quagmire
  • A powerful conflict resolution model to break down turf wars and silos
  • How Noble Purpose can make you a better and happier leader
  • Concrete strategies for solving problems during times of change and uncertainty
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