Free Webinar Series – Growing Your Small Business (without giving up your life) -Starts June 24

Please join me for a free webinar series:Growing Your Business (without giving up your life)
Starting JUNE 24

We’ll cover:

Networking – How to generate leads,  when you don’t have time to get out into the community

Motivation- How to get your employees engaged, when you can’t afford raises

Organization – Streamlining your work and life, when you’re so busy you can’t see straight

June 24 session:  Is Networking a Waste of Time?  Or an Effective Marketing Strategy?
How to be a great networker without being a creeper

You’re overworked, understaffed and the last thing you feel like doing is slurping down weak drinks with a bunch of guys trying to pitch you. Many networking events are a waste of time, but some can and do work. Lisa will show you how to separate the good from the bad (and the ugly) – and how to make the most of the networking opportunities you attend.
12 PM Central Time

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Listen to a short audio preview:  cmit_mcleod webinar teaser-11

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