“Lisa McLeod helped us rally our global team of 18,000 people around a common cause: Our Customers.”

CEO, Flight Centre

Rising Above Transactional Banking

“The investment we made in becoming a purpose-driven organization is delivering a tenfold return in our ability to attract top talent, grow our customer base, and establish greater competitive differentiation in the market.”– Doug Williams, CEO, Atlantic Capital Bank

In the day–to-day drumbeat of the financial industry, it’s challenging to keep the focus on client impact. With pressure to hit financial metrics, the numbers often become the only story anyone talks about. Atlantic Capital Bank CEO Doug Williams knew: A numbers only story is a recipe for a transactional relationship with clients and becoming a commoditized brand. Read the full story here.


Outsmarting The Competition

“Lisa gave our organization a laser-like focus. She helped us outsmart our competition instead of outspending them.”– Bruce Poon Tip, Founder, G Adventures

G Adventures provides unique life-changing trips. When we started working together their inside and outside sales teams were good, but their interactions with buyers weren’t as differentiated as the trips they were selling. We helped G Adventures reimagine their sales process. After a decade of steady 20% annual growth, G Adventures has accelerated their growth rate to 35% for two years in a row. Read the full story here.


Competitive differentiation with physicians

When Lisa began working with a major pharma firm their drug was the number four player in a crowded category. Working with senior leaders, Lisa helped the team craft a new strategy, and a differentiated story for the market. Working closely with medical, marketing and sales leadership they created a compelling narrative to win the hearts and minds of the medical community and improve emotional connection during sales interactions.

The Result: Over the course of two years the client moved from a number four position to becoming the leader in their disease category.


Redefining the Contracting Industry

Supportworks, and sister company Thrasher, wanted to establish competitive differentiation for their brand in a bigger bolder way. Their foundation repair products aren’t too sexy, but they’re the best in the business. The leadership team needed to help their national network of dealers break out of the price.

They also wanted to become a destination employer in the contracting space and lay the groundwork for future expansion into additional contracting categories. We worked with the senior team to create a compelling story and sales strategy that would engage dealers and internal employees. They rolled their program out nationwide, linked each employee’s job to the greater purpose of their business, and gave their dealers tools to establish differentiation in their markets. Read the full story here.


Market leadership in the cloud

“Our work with Lisa McLeod was one of the catalysts for our exponential sales growth.  During the two-year period we worked with Lisa we doubled our revenue. We closed bigger deals with more senior buyers, and we closed them faster.”– Steve Johnson, Chief Revenue Officer, Hootsuite

An emerging star of the software world, Hootsuite was on track for rapid growth.  But they were being chased by smaller competitors who threatened to undermine their value proposition.  Lisa worked with the team to crystalize the value story, and drill it down into every level of the organization.  As a tech firm, the Hootsuite team was savvy about describing features and benefits.

The Result: Through their work with Lisa they were able to codify customer impact, and reframe the customer’s perception of their offering. Their new strategic approach helped them break ground with more senior executive buyers. They won larger deals, and they won them more quickly. Read more about Hootsuite’s results here.


Sales growth for a global team

“Lisa McLeod helped us rally our global team of 18,000 people around a common cause – our customers.”– Graham “Skroo” Turner, CEO, Flight Centre

Flight Centre Travel Group is a $1.3 billion dollar business based in Melbourne, Australia. Their operation spans 75 countries and 2,500 stores. Lisa worked with the senior leadership to launch a sales growth initiative. We aligned the global team around a common purpose — We care about delivering amazing travel experiences.  Lisa then worked with a country leaders to implement the strategy in each market. We took a core aspiration and translated into strategy, process improvement, messaging and behavior.

The Result: Improved customer ratings, greater organizational alignment, and a more proactive customer-oriented sales approach.  The following year revenue increased by 6.8 %  and Flight Centre showed a 31.1% increase in (PBT) Profit Before Taxes.



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