“If you’re considering working with Lisa, don’t think twice. Your customers and your team will thank you.”

VP North America, LinkedIn

Lisa is an executive coach who works with senior leaders seeking revenue growth, emotional engagement, and competitive differentiation.

Most leaders recognize that a sense of higher purpose creates greater competitive differentiation, more loyal customers, and more engaged employees. The data tells us, this translates into higher revenue numbers. Yet leaders often struggle to similar the organization’s higher purpose – Make a difference to customers – and the transactional daily cadence of business – Hit the number.

Lisa helps executives overcome this gap. She has a successful track record of helping sales-driven executives move their organizations from transactional to transformational.

Lisa works with a limited number of senior leaders on a 1-1 basis each year.

“Following the largest reorg in company history and adapting to a hybrid/remote work environment due to the pandemic, I knew we had a unique opportunity to reinvent the way my leadership team thought about our vision and the way we work. As a senior executive responsible for results, I knew this was a pivotal moment in the company’s evolution. Our work with Lisa energized the team, helped us focus and drive clarity, and instilled a renewed sense of purpose.

Most companies take quarters or years to “recover” from a reorg but we’ve achieved breakthrough revenue and customer value growth in just months. We’re clearer about how we make a difference to our customers and we have the tools to lead more effectively. If you’re considering working with Lisa, don’t think twice. Your customers and your team will thank you.”

– David Cohen, VP North America, LinkedIn


“As the head sales executive for an organization in a competitive market, I had two primary challenges: Help my sales team differentiate our offering and rally other teams around making a difference to customers. My work with Lisa helped me accomplish both. Within six months, our sales team was more compelling, and I saw my peers help their teams align more towards our customers. Plus, through the process, my own reputation and the reputation of my team grew within the organization. And it certainly was refreshing to work with someone that understands sales executives so well.”– Amanda Miller, Sr. Director Enterprise Solutions, Association for Talent Development


“Lisa did a fantastic job in helping my new global leadership team develop a clear, focused identity and narrative for our field. Our customer-centered approach will not only help us meet our mission as an organization, but will inspire our team. If you have a new team, or a team looking to rethink it’s mission and identity, I recommend you reach out to Lisa.”– Farhan Syed, Vice President of Global SMB Sales, LinkedIn

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