How to Recover from a Workplace Argument

I found myself increasingly frustrated with my work colleague. But I bit my tongue in meetings. I ignored their eye rolls when I brought up new ideas and I didn’t point out how many times they had dropped the ball. Then one day, I snapped. I went on a.

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How to Own a Failure (And Still Preserve Your Reputation)

Maybe it was small, maybe it was big. You messed up, and every time you think about it you start to cringe. And as much as you desperately want to sweep it under the rug, you know, you’re probably better off dealing with it. It helps to remind ourselves,.

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Why a Good Apology Requires Wading in The Muck

A good apology is a rare and treasured gift. It’s a treasure for both the giver and the receiver because a true apology includes a transformational moment of empathy. Consider this common workplace challenge: Someone takes credit for your idea at a meeting.  They realize it afterwards, or someone.

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The Three “Apologies” That Makes Things Worse

Sorry.  Not sorry.  We’re all familiar with the non-apology, people who toss off “I’m sorry” without meaning it or understanding how their actions affect others. It’s annoying in small-scale situations, but when the non-apology comes from a CEO, it’s simply mind-boggling.  Despite being assisted by experts and crisis managers,.

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