Cassandra worthy

How High Performers Respond to Change

As you look back on how business has changed over and how people responded, it’s a pretty safe bet to say, the person who didn’t want to create an email address or get a website 20 years ago is probably not a CEO today. Like it or not, our.

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Overcoming Change Exhaustion: 3 Tips to Reclaim Your Enthusiasm

The prevailing belief is that people don’t like change. If that were true, no one would ever get married or have a baby. Here’s what is actually true: Human beings are ok with change (sometimes)… when we are prepared for it, in control of it, and see a win.

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High Achievers Don’t Wait to be Led; They Lead Themselves

Who is your leader? There’s an assumption that your leader is your boss. While that may be hierarchically true, placing the future of your career in someone else’s hands takes you out of the driver’s seat. In reality, you’re in control of your own behavior. In today’s environment, the.

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