Chip Bell

How to Sell Your Expertise to Powerful People

Do you ever have to sell yourself or your ideas to someone in power? It can be intimidating. I recently had a conversation with Dr. Chip Bell, the world-renowned authority on customer loyalty and innovative service. Bell is North America’s #1 keynote speaker on customer service and he works.

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Can Customer Service Touch Your Soul?

When was the last time you had a profound customer service experience? Customer experience expert Chip Bell says, “Service can be a perfunctory act delivered with routine banter and going-through-the-motions energy.  It can be the same service we get pretty much everywhere, every day.  Or it can be something.

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Innovative Service Lessons from a Master Griller

Innovative Service Lessons from a Master Griller My son, Bilijack, is a world class griller. More than a hobby, he refers to himself as a grill snob…as in, an expert who knows he’s an expert. And, he only uses quality charcoal as his source of heat! He labels my “over.

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Why the Boss/Employee Relationship Still Matters

How many bosses have made a difference in your life? You probably remember your very best, and your very worst, bosses. What was the difference between the two? It’s interesting, when asked what makes a good manager people often cite intellect and job skills. Yet when people are asked.

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