5 (Well-Intended) Sales Behaviors That Erode Your Business

I’ve long said: Sales makes the wheels of commerce spin. Whether you’re a solopreneur or leading a multinational team, the ability to sell keeps your business moving. As we enter (what seems to be) a period of economic uncertainty, organizational leaders and salespeople become anxious about keeping revenue flowing. .

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3 Predictions for the 2022 Talent Landscape

As we close out the first month of 2022, themes like adapting to remote work, an emphasis on employee wellbeing, and the Great Resignation (or Great Reshuffle, however you’re choosing to brand it) continue. I predict that 2022 will not be the peak of a massive workplace shift, it’s.

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Why Teams Don’t Collaborate

I recently spoke to a CEO, who expressed frustration with the lack of cooperation in his organization. One incident in particular stood out. A smaller product group within his firm landed a new client. After the deal closed, it was revealed that another (larger) product group was calling on.

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