Overcoming Fear in the Face of Uncertainty

For many, the future is feeling increasingly wary; recent Wall St. forecasts turned out to be overly optimistic and economists are reporting the recession risk has spiked The collective climate of angst can send our amygdala into overdrive. It’s the prehistoric part of our brain that is obsessed with.

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How to Have Tough Conversations with Confidence

Do you ever find yourself putting off challenging conversations at work? Sometimes, just thinking about a potentially difficult conversation has the power to fill us with anxiety. And that wave of dread often causes us to kick the can down the road, and avoid a conversation that really needs.

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Are You Your Own Toughest Critic? Here’s How to Quiet the Voice of Judgement

How often do you feel like you’re coming up short? Whether it’s at work or at home, with your professional prowess or your weight, it’s easy to fall into the trap of grading yourself on everything. Let’s face it; we live in a performance culture. As someone who works.

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How to Maximize Potential: Addressing the Confidence Gap

Organizations are filled with untapped potential, undermined by the thousands of small slights that erode the confidence of anyone who doesn’t “fit in.” This is costly to everyone because when people aren’t confident, they’re not fully present and they don’t contribute as well as they could. Why confidence erodes.

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How to Get Stronger During a Crisis

What happens when the money spigot is turned off? I’m observing two very different scenarios playing out. When people believe their only purpose in life is to make and produce money, the moment their money is threatened, it rips the rug right out from under them. An organization who defines.

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Why Avoiding Conflict Prolongs It

Do you like conflict?  Most people don’t. But sometimes, trying to keep the peace simply prolongs the problem. I was working with a leadership team who had problems with the IT department. They were reluctant to openly express their frustrations to the IT leader (their peer) because he was.

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How 2 Minutes of Power Posing Can Make You More Confident

What goes through your mind before you walk into an important meeting? If you’re like most people it’s a mixture of positive and negative self-talk along with rehearsing your key points. This thought jumble – What if they don’t like me, What if I trip, No, I can do.

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