How to Make Decisions in a Crisis

“In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation… even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of a pine.” The “7th generation principle: comes from the Native American culture, where it was used to make decisions large and small.  Putting yourself in the position of future generations provides a.

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Quarantined 30 Years Ago

The first time I was quarantined, I was fifteen years old and my six-year-old brother had died. My brother became very ill overnight; when my mother checked on him in the predawn hours, she realized something was seriously wrong.  My parents raced him to the hospital. They didn’t make.

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Why Data Presentations are Terrible and How to Fix It

Imagine you’re at a conference, and you have to choose between two programs for your afternoon session.  Both presenters are experts in your field.  One presenter has gathered a huge body of data and will be presenting it all in a long PowerPoint. The other presenter has amassed a.

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What to Say and Do When Something Horrible Happens

“We don’t want to make things worse.” When my neighbor’s high school age daughter died of cancer, it was horrible.  No one knew what to say or do.  A group of us decided to take food over before the funeral, but everyone was afraid to be the person who.

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Why a Good Apology Requires Wading in The Muck

A good apology is a rare and treasured gift. It’s a treasure for both the giver and the receiver because a true apology includes a transformational moment of empathy. Consider this common workplace challenge: Someone takes credit for your idea at a meeting.  They realize it afterwards, or someone.

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