Procrastination Station: Why you avoid decisions, even easy ones

Steve knew the project wasn’t working. Energy was waning; the milestones were falling further behind and the weekly meetings were stale, a rinse and repeat of the previous week. In terms of priorities, this project wasn’t urgent. The deliverables would be helpful, but there was no burning platform, no.

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Buying and Selling: Do We Still Need Traditional Sales Reps

When did you flip the switch? For me it was gradual. Until something happened three years ago that altered my behavior forever. I moved. I’m talking about the change in our buying process. From academia where students use Rate my Professor to evaluate course choices to corporate purchasing departments.

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The Purpose Backlash

Lately, all the cool kids have purpose. Progressive companies tout their purpose on their website, and CEOs talk about the greater good impact their business has on their customers and the world. The question is: How does an aspirational purpose stand up to the demands of daily business? For.

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