Why Your Positive Feedback isn’t working

“Good job!” When her boss said it, Susan was delighted to hear the words out lout.  She had worked late to complete paperwork for a client. The fact that he said it in front of the team made it even better.  She was happy her boss had noticed. But.

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Is Your Business a Mercenary, or a Missionary?

Companies want customers to love them. Bosses want people to love their jobs. Yet many leaders will tell you, emotion has no place in business. This is cognitive dissonance at best, dangerous at worst. Let’s start with the cognitive dissonance. To think you can strip emotion out of the.

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Is Screen Time Improving Your Relationships?

In our click, tweet, screen culture, it’s easy to say that we’ve become dehumanized. For many organizations, customers and people are treated like a number in the virtual queue. The problem is not the technology. One need look no further than Facebook to see how the right technology can.

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Maximize Your Distraction: 3 Criteria for Wasting Time on the Web

I’ve issued an edict, for myself: I’m going to stop wasting time on Facebook and start wasting time on Pinterest. Here’s why: trolling Facebook does nothing for me, but trolling Pinterest ignites my creativity. I’m not alone in my addiction to my distraction devices. True confession, I’ve been in.

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Who Are You Letting Into Your Head?

Have you ever been infuriated by someone’s Facebook post? You’re not alone. One minute you’re mindlessly trolling pictures of your high school girlfriend’s nephew’s graduation, the next minute, someone’s political post makes your head spin. How could they possibly be so misinformed? Wrong question. The right question is, Why did.

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