Moving the Goalpost: How to Be Proud of Where You Are AND Ambitious About Where You’re Going

You start out with I’ll be satisfied when I get that promotion. You get promoted, and then you think… I’ll be happy when I reach six figures. Now you make great money, but your mind jumps to, I’ll know I’ve made it when I have my own office. Despite.

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High Achievers Don’t Wait to be Led; They Lead Themselves

Who is your leader? There’s an assumption that your leader is your boss. While that may be hierarchically true, placing the future of your career in someone else’s hands takes you out of the driver’s seat. In reality, you’re in control of your own behavior. In today’s environment, the.

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The Only Two Goals We Should be Setting for School This Year

Imagine spending all day staring at someone yammer on about something irrelevant, boring and difficult. Now imagine doing it on Zoom.  I’m not talking about your job; I’m talking about the way our kids are experiencing school. It’s time to admit that the way we’re doing school isn’t working..

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Why We Break Our Resolutions

Already broke your resolution? You’re not alone. Resolutions are always more fun to make than they are to execute. The same is true with most change. We create these grand plans as our most aspirational selves. Yet when it comes time to go to the gym, be more focused.

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Why Smart Goals Don’t Work In Sales And What To Do Instead

Do you remember SMART goals? I was introduced to the concept early in my career. Smart goals are specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, and time bound. Unfortunately, they’re also usually horrifically boring and uninspiring. The SMART goal concept isn’t bad in theory. A SMART goal is better than no.

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Why Setting Goals Undermines Success and Erodes Happiness

What are you going to accomplish this year? Or perhaps at this point, a better question might be, what were you going to accomplish? Have you already given up that plan to lose ten pounds? Is making a million still on the table? If you’re like most people, you.

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Why Culture Matters More Than Goals

What’s the culture of your organization?  Is it an environment where things get done on time, every time?  Or are deadlines more flexible?   Do you believe in having fun, or is it more serious? Every organization has a culture, so does every family.  Culture is the, usually, unspoken beliefs.

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