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Three Trending LinkedIn Phrases I’m Tired of Hearing

The language is always the tell. The subjects we talk about and the words we choose tell our team, our organization, and the world what’s important. Changes in language often precede changes in priorities – a shift in wording is an early indicator that the landscape is shifting. Nowhere.

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What Managers Can Do to Combat ‘The Great Resignation’

A swirl of news stories about ‘The Great Resignation’ has put employee retention in the leadership spotlight. 1 in 4 workers is considering quitting their job after the pandemic.   I’ve seen the fear in our consulting practice, too;  Our clients are deeply worried about retaining their talent as the.

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The Purpose Profit Connection (and why most companies get it wrong)

Every leader knows teamwork is essential. Yet after working with hundreds of organizations, I can confirm, much of the time and money spent on team building is a complete waste. Meaningless jargon, adjective-heavy iterations of strategy, and PowerPoint graphics detailing the organizations’ commitment to respect have little impact on.

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Telling Isn’t Coaching

Do you ever wish you could simply tell your people what to do and then have them actually do it. We’ve all been there.  Sometimes telling people works.  More often than not, if you want to improve your team, coaching is required. A lot of people in business like.

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Three Ways to Bring Back Courtesy

If you’re feeling like the workplace (and the world in general) is becoming more crass, you’re not alone. According to Harvard Business Review polls, 98% of people report experiencing uncivil behavior at work. Half say they are treated rudely at least once a week, double the number who reported.

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