Three Trending LinkedIn Phrases I’m Tired of Hearing

The language is always the tell. The subjects we talk about and the words we choose tell our team, our organization, and the world what’s important. Changes in language often precede changes in priorities – a shift in wording is an early indicator that the landscape is shifting. Nowhere.

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A Response to HBR’s Latest: What’s the Purpose of your Purpose?

Lately, all the cool kids have purpose. It’s well documented that purpose-driven firms outperform their competitors. Customers want to buy from companies that stand for something bigger than just their quarterly targets, and employees want to be part of something bigger than themselves. In an era where BlackRock’s CEO,.

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How to Laugh More at Work

When was the last time you laughed at work? No, not the polite ‘haha’ response. And typing ‘lol’ in an email (while you are completely stoned face) doesn’t count either. I’m talking about a deep belly laugh, with your coworkers. The kind that fills you with endorphins, wakes you.

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What Managers Can Do to Combat ‘The Great Resignation’

A swirl of news stories about ‘The Great Resignation’ has put employee retention in the leadership spotlight. 1 in 4 workers is considering quitting their job after the pandemic.   I’ve seen the fear in our consulting practice, too;  Our clients are deeply worried about retaining their talent as the.

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Two Things People Get Wrong About Purpose

All the cool kids have purpose. Or so it seems. As more organizations begin to adopt corporate purpose statements, we see announcements on social media, a push for purpose-driven hiring, and CEOs deliver inspirational townhalls. Yet for many front-line leaders, keeping an aspirational purpose alive in the cadence of.

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Two Metrics Most Sales Leaders Miss

When you’re a sales leader and you’re behind on the number, it can become a downward spiral. A Chief Revenue Officer we work with summarizes his weekly meeting saying, “Eight months ago our dashboard was a mix of green and yellow. Today, every single item is red. When my.

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It’s Not Just Semantics: How a Preposition Made Millions

When people argue over word choice, they often compromise, telling each other, “It’s just semantics.” Try telling that to Mars Petcare. Mar’s strategic choice of a preposition propelled a strategy that generated millions in revenue and enabled them to beat rival Nestle Purina in multiple markets. Look at each.

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The Decisions You Don’t Know You’re Making

Do you make your decisions by design, or by default? Your life is the sum of your decisions. A business is created by the decisions the leaders make or don’t make. A family exists and operates because of decisions. One of the biggest challenges with decision-making, is not the.

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The Purpose Profit Connection (and why most companies get it wrong)

Every leader knows teamwork is essential. Yet after working with hundreds of organizations, I can confirm, much of the time and money spent on team building is a complete waste. Meaningless jargon, adjective-heavy iterations of strategy, and PowerPoint graphics detailing the organizations’ commitment to respect have little impact on.

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