What to Do When Someone Takes Credit for Your Work

You brought up a great idea in a meeting, and the team ran with it…they ran so far, in fact, the idea is no longer yours. It’s now a ‘team effort.’ Or maybe you offered your boss a keen insight, one they took right to the executive team, proudly.

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3 Articles that Got People Talking in 2021

I’ve been writing a weekly article for over a decade. This practice has served as an avenue of exploration, a chance to reflect on the state of the world, and an opportunity to connect with all of you. It gives me a chance to see which ideas people find.

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Do you often think of the perfect thing to say *after* the meeting? When it’s too late? Read this.

It’s all so clear…. 6 hours later. Have you ever thought of the perfect response after a conversation ended? For me, it happens in the shower. As I replay the conversation hours or days later, the perfect words flow effortlessly, down the drain, unheard by anyone except me. We’ve.

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