The Hidden (negative) Cost of Data-Driven Leadership

The breadth of data at our fingertips is a powerful tool, information has never been so accessible for leaders. We’re able to quantify things that in the past felt gauzy like, employee engagement, productivity, customer perceptions, competitive threats, and even manager perceptions are all now measurable. Almost every employee,.

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How to Have a Better Relationship with Your Boss

Having a great boss can be transformational. Having a terrible boss can be soul-sucking. When it comes to the boss-employee relationship, most people fall somewhere between. Improving the relationship with your boss has a positive impact on your work and your life overall. Much of the power lies in your hands;.

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Two Metrics Most Sales Leaders Miss

When you’re a sales leader and you’re behind on the number, it can become a downward spiral. A Chief Revenue Officer we work with summarizes his weekly meeting saying, “Eight months ago our dashboard was a mix of green and yellow. Today, every single item is red. When my.

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Why Teams Don’t Collaborate

I recently spoke to a CEO, who expressed frustration with the lack of cooperation in his organization. One incident in particular stood out. A smaller product group within his firm landed a new client. After the deal closed, it was revealed that another (larger) product group was calling on.

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Need Your Team to Perform? Start with Belief

Belief drives behavior, and behavior drives results. In a volatile market, when the stakes are high, a leader’s ability to create shared belief for a team can mean the difference between failure and perseverance. History is filled with examples of small nimble teams who beat out formidable opponents. The.

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Are Your Metrics Eroding Trust?

How do you create excellence?  Many organizations assume: if we broadcast the metrics and hold people accountable, performance will improve.  This assumption is wrong.  Too often, the system’s leadership designs to improve performance wind up eroding trust and morale, the very things required for high performance. Let’s look at.

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Are you Measuring the Least Important Reality?

Organizations operate on two levels. There are the presenting facts and metrics, these are readily observed and measured.   Then there are the nuances, the attitude of the players, their focus, or lack thereof, the details and daily conversations.  These seemingly behind the scenes subtleties are what makes or breaks.

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