What Most Organizations Get Wrong About Performance Improvement

A teammate is underperforming. Firing seems premature, but at the same time, this problem just can’t wait. Enter: The PIP (performance-improvement plan). A by-the-book, formalized roadmap designed to help struggling employees shore up weaknesses, hit benchmarks, and evolve into A-tier teammates. Well…that’s what PIPs started as. This practice likely.

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Are You Grading Yourself? Maybe You Should Stop

How often do you feel like you’re coming up short? Whether it’s at work or at home, with your professional prowess or your weight, it’s easy to fall into the trap of grading yourself on everything. Let’s face it; we live in a performance culture. As someone who works.

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Are You Being Cheap with Yourself?

How much time and money would you spend to become a better person? One of the fundamental differences between successful people and unsuccessful people is their willingness to invest in themselves. I’m using the word successful holistically to mean people who are happy and high functioning in their chosen.

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Find Grace in the Moment

Ten years ago, I had an ‘aha’ that helped me become happier, and more effective at work. It happened when I was in Chicago to run a seminar. From the moment I came up on stage, I could tell that the attendees didn’t want to be there. As their.

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