Time to Rally

Many of us are having to put in extra work to rally ourselves and bring positive energy to work. When you show up mustering all of the enthusiasm you can, and someone else spews toxicity into the air, it can feel like a personal affront to your efforts. Yes,.

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Venting Doesn’t Release Negativity – It Rehearses It

It starts with the speeches. You know, the little speech you rehearse in your head, getting ready for the big moment when you finally let them have it. Perhaps you practice it in the shower or your car. Or perhaps you share your frustration with others. Maybe it’s the.

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Dealing with Naysayers

If you get caught in a riptide, the best way to survive is swim with it – go in the direction it’s carrying you. When people try to overpower the tide, they drown.  Instead you should use the tides’ energy to go elsewhere. I was working with a Chief.

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