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Why Watching Movies Makes You a Better Business Person

How often do you indulge your creative spirit? Creativity makes you happier and successful.  Yet for many people, their work is devoid of creativity.  Sometimes it seems like organizations specialize in sucking the creative spark out of people.  Roles and departments get siloed and with no outside creative energy,.

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The Reward for Risking Public Embarrassment

What if you gave a party and no one came? It’s almost worse than getting stood up for a date.  At least on a no-show date, there’s only one person rejecting you.  A no-show party means an entire guest list ditched you. A friend of mine once said, “Giving.

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The Nobility of Business Owners

Why do you go to work?  For many people work is a means to an end.  They work because they want/need a paycheck. But ask an entrepreneur why they chose their profession, and you’ll find a story about love and passion, the story also usually involves exhaustion. Let’s face.

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