Why Teams Don’t Collaborate

I recently spoke to a CEO, who expressed frustration with the lack of cooperation in his organization. One incident in particular stood out. A smaller product group within his firm landed a new client. After the deal closed, it was revealed that another (larger) product group was calling on.

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Want to be More Successful? Fix Your Office

The stories of businesses launching in garages and on kitchen tables are legends.  Yet if you go back and look at those famous garages and tables, you won’t see a mess of dirty dishes and oil cans. You see dedicated spaces devoted to work. The aesthetics of your workplace.

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Telling Isn’t Coaching

Do you ever wish you could simply tell your people what to do and then have them actually do it. We’ve all been there.  Sometimes telling people works.  More often than not, if you want to improve your team, coaching is required. A lot of people in business like.

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