What Holds High Performers Back

Several years ago, I ordered a package of concert tickets.  The package was for a variety of artists all performing at the same venue, spanning over a couple of months.   The morning of the very first concert some friends called to invite us to an impromptu party that night..

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How to Make (And Keep) Friends at Work

There’s an old-school belief that in order to be professional, you shouldn’t be friends with your colleagues, much less your subordinates or boss. I’m calling BS; Work is a GREAT place for friends. I suspect the notion of ‘no friends at work’ was likely propelled by a generation of.

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Top Performers Know: Your Peers are Allies, Not Your Competition

I was talking to one of my friends over the weekend who went to an Ivy League Business school. She told me, “On the first day, our professor told us to look around the room. He said: These are the people you will work for, the people who will.

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Is Your Business a Mercenary, or a Missionary?

Companies want customers to love them. Bosses want people to love their jobs. Yet many leaders will tell you, emotion has no place in business. This is cognitive dissonance at best, dangerous at worst. Let’s start with the cognitive dissonance. To think you can strip emotion out of the.

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