Procrastination Station: Why you avoid decisions, even easy ones

Steve knew the project wasn’t working. Energy was waning; the milestones were falling further behind and the weekly meetings were stale, a rinse and repeat of the previous week. In terms of priorities, this project wasn’t urgent. The deliverables would be helpful, but there was no burning platform, no.

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How to Get Yourself in the Mood to Start Anything

Do you have trouble getting started? Whether it’s writing a report, scoping a big IT project, or simply welling up the energy to clean out your closet, many of us procrastinate because we’re simply not in the mood to start. As a writer, I’m well acquainted with the perils.

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The Power to Get Things Done – Whether You Feel Like It or Not

You find yourself trolling Reddit or online shopping for new Post-it notes before completing that single aggravating task. You know you need to make the client phone call, it’s important for your success, you promised yourself you would do it, but somehow, it falls to the bottom of the.

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How to Get Things Done: Separate Your Work Modes

Do you struggle to get things done? Be honest. We all procrastinate.  Whether it’s putting off the challenging phone call or trolling Facebook when we should be writing a proposal, we all avoid certain tasks. For me, it’s writing. I’ll call every client and send every email I possibly.

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