How to Climb the Ladder, Even When the Ground is Shaky

As we approach what is typically “performance review season” many high performers are faced with two seemingly competing inner voices: I should be grateful I even have a job I still want to climb the ladder It’s not a false dichotomy. You should be grateful. And you should also.

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How to Be Promotable: 3 Surprising Things You Need to Know

What does it take to get promoted? Most people think being good at your job is enough.  They’re wrong. I met a woman on a plane a few weeks ago who told me she was up for a promotion.  Full disclosure, it was a long flight, and I’m one.

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Winners Can Be Surprised, but Losers Should Not Be

Have you ever faced public humiliation? I have. Years ago I was up for a promotion; I knew that one of my peers was also being considered. I lost. My boss at the time had the good grace to call me into his office, late in the day, and.

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