Navigating Typical Workplace Quarrels

In my many years as an organizational consultant, I’ve seen my share of disagreements. From tiffs over meeting protocols to executives duking it out in the board room over million-dollar line items. In exceptional organizations, shared purpose is the ice cutter for moving beyond the day-to-day disagreements. Working collectively,.

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Lack of Purpose: The Real Reason People Don’t Trust Banks

You’ve seen the ads for financial services.   They tell you, “Customers are our most important asset” or “We care about your future.”   Based on their marketing messages, one would think the industry is filled with professionals whose sole purpose is to make your life better. Yet, according.

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Conflict Resolution: Why Fighting Makes Things Better

We tend to assume that arguments are bad. We’re wrong. The best ideas often come from arguing. Here are two examples: How fighting against a highway created a network of parks and bike trails. Back in the 1970s my mother led the fight against Route 66 in Arlington, Virginia..

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