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How to Do Your Part in Saving Small Businesses

More than 100,000 US small businesses have shuttered since the onset of the pandemic in March. As the threat of more closures piles on, we’re becoming more conscious of our spending habits. Many of us, including me, are asking, how can I support small and local business owners? It’s.

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What Happens If No One Needs Health Insurance?

Why do you go to work? If you ask most people, they’ll say, I need the money.  But the answer expands a bit if you ask people who work for a large company, or the government.  Dig a little deeper and you’ll find many people work for big organizations.

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The Nobility of Business Owners

Why do you go to work?  For many people work is a means to an end.  They work because they want/need a paycheck. But ask an entrepreneur why they chose their profession, and you’ll find a story about love and passion, the story also usually involves exhaustion. Let’s face.

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