Navigating Typical Workplace Quarrels

In my many years as an organizational consultant, I’ve seen my share of disagreements. From tiffs over meeting protocols to executives duking it out in the board room over million-dollar line items. In exceptional organizations, shared purpose is the ice cutter for moving beyond the day-to-day disagreements. Working collectively,.

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How To Deal with a Whining Employee

As a leader, it’s frustrating to hear whining.  In response, leaders often say, “Don’t come to me with a problem, come to me with a solution.” It sounds good in theory, but telling your people they can only come to you with answers, keeps you from hearing valuable feedback. .

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Our Biggest Problems Have a Hidden Cause

What is the single biggest problem facing our planet? Is it Global Warming? Terrorism? Poverty? It’s none of the above.  Let me explain. What if we could triple the amount of human capital devoted to solving these and other major issues?  We can.  And we can do it with.

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