time management

Essential Versus Important: The Life Changing Power of Less

Have you ever found yourself saying, “The day got away from me?” You set goals; you have a strategy; you think know what’s most important.  Then, somehow, your day is hijacked by other people’s agendas. It’s like fish nibbling away at a giant carcass on the floor of the.

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Why We Get Frantic, Then Burnout

How many times have you worked like a fiend on something and then found yourself so burned out you couldn’t bear to even look at it again? You’re not alone. The up down cycle of intense work followed by a sloth-like period of no results is a common phenomenon.

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Maximize Your Distraction: 3 Criteria for Wasting Time on the Web

I’ve issued an edict, for myself: I’m going to stop wasting time on Facebook and start wasting time on Pinterest. Here’s why: trolling Facebook does nothing for me, but trolling Pinterest ignites my creativity. I’m not alone in my addiction to my distraction devices. True confession, I’ve been in.

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3 Ways to Break Out Of the Gerbil Syndrome

Do you ever feel like your life has become a series of frantic short-term interactions? Demands and distractions come in by the nanosecond – beeping and clicking at you from multiple devices – and there’s not a minute left for invigorating conversation, true relaxation, or heaven forbid, strategic thinking..

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How to Get Things Done: Separate Your Work Modes

Do you struggle to get things done? Be honest. We all procrastinate.  Whether it’s putting off the challenging phone call or trolling Facebook when we should be writing a proposal, we all avoid certain tasks. For me, it’s writing. I’ll call every client and send every email I possibly.

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