Overcoming Fear in the Face of Uncertainty

For many, the future is feeling increasingly wary; recent Wall St. forecasts turned out to be overly optimistic and economists are reporting the recession risk has spiked The collective climate of angst can send our amygdala into overdrive. It’s the prehistoric part of our brain that is obsessed with.

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Navigating Typical Workplace Quarrels

In my many years as an organizational consultant, I’ve seen my share of disagreements. From tiffs over meeting protocols to executives duking it out in the board room over million-dollar line items. In exceptional organizations, shared purpose is the ice cutter for moving beyond the day-to-day disagreements. Working collectively,.

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How to Get Stronger During a Crisis

What happens when the money spigot is turned off? I’m observing two very different scenarios playing out. When people believe their only purpose in life is to make and produce money, the moment their money is threatened, it rips the rug right out from under them. An organization who defines.

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