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LinkedIn Gave the Entire Company the Week Off. Here’s what we can learn from that.

Starting today, the majority of LinkedIn’s 15,900 employees worldwide are getting a paid week off. I’ve been a LinkedIn Learning (course) author for the last 5 years and have been fortunate to work with many of LinkedIn’s internal teams as well. I know firsthand, LinkedIn has always played the.

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Lack of Noble Purpose: The Root Cause Behind TD Bank & Wells Fargo Customer Deception

It’s easy to identify organizations that lack a Noble Purpose. Stories inside the walls of Wells Fargo and TD Bank reveal the depths of customer deception and how an emphasis on sales and numbers can steer an organization in a certain direction. Let’s look at the TD Bank group.

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The Real Reason Wells Fargo Fails the Noble Purpose Test

When the CEO said, “Cross-selling is the centerpiece of our strategy,” I knew they were doomed to fail. Wells Fargo is back in the news, and no one should be surprised. When then CEO John Stumpf told the sales team cross-selling was the number one goal, he opened the.

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Wells Fargo and Volkswagen: The Cost of Quarterly Capitalism

Here we go again. Wells Fargo was recently fined $185 million because thousands of their employees set up millions of fake accounts customers didn’t ask for. Here’s what happened: The employees were incented to open additional accounts for existing customers. The sales goals were aggressive. Employees were evaluated, ranked.

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