How to Make (And Keep) Friends at Work

There’s an old-school belief that in order to be professional, you shouldn’t be friends with your colleagues, much less your subordinates or boss. I’m calling BS; Work is a GREAT place for friends. I suspect the notion of ‘no friends at work’ was likely propelled by a generation of.

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What Two Years of Zoom Taught Me (A Raging Extrovert)

Another day, another zoom. As a self-professed people-person, sitting alone on Zoom in my house got old quickly. And a few months later, even the introverts joined in the frustration. From a tech standpoint, Zoom has been a life and business saver. But from a personal standpoint, endless hours.

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How to Rebuild Relationships after a Long Pause

“So, how’ve you been?!” You search for the words. Between unrelenting work chaos, managing virtual school, and the constant anxiety of dealing with a pandemic, it’s hard to know how to respond to a well-intended reach out like this. “Uh, we’re hanging in there! Crazy time right!?” You awkwardly.

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Virtual Onboarding: How to Win the Hearts and Minds of New Employees (Via Zoom)

When teams that were used to working together in person shifted to virtual, they had a wellspring of mutual goodwill to draw upon. They’d been through change, challenge, and growth together. The existing goodwill enabled them to power through virtual work even when it may have been frustrating or.

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How to Host Virtual Meetings that Inspire Action and Urgency

What percent of your time at work do you spend in meetings? Previous estimates were that middle managers spent 35% of their team in meetings, while senior leaders spent 50%. Now with virtual work, many leaders say as much as 90% of their time is spent in meetings. Or at least it.

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Awkward Work-From-Home Moments (And How to Deal with Them)

What do you say when someone takes credit for your work? Asks you out on a date? Or experiences a death in the family? A few years ago, I published a course on LinkedIn Learning titled Navigating Awkward Situations at Work. The course was formed from my own experiences.

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How to Maximize Potential: Addressing the Confidence Gap

Organizations are filled with untapped potential, undermined by the thousands of small slights that erode the confidence of anyone who doesn’t “fit in.” This is costly to everyone because when people aren’t confident, they’re not fully present and they don’t contribute as well as they could. Why confidence erodes.

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How To Feel Connected When You Miss Your Office

One of our clients said, “When this is over, and we’re back in the office, I’m never eating lunch at my desk again. I want to be in the break room with you people!” referring to her colleagues. If you find yourself really missing the camaraderie of the office,.

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How to Make Meetings Not Soul Sucking

What percentage of time do you spend in meetings? According to the Muse, If you’re a middle manager, it’s likely about 35% of your time. If you’re in upper management, it can be a whopping 50% (or even more if when you’re doing everything virtually). Meetings have a bad reputation..

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