video-hands-on-table1As a sales leader, you have one job: deliver the number. But you can’t go to every meeting, you need a team who can close sales when you’re not there.

The Noble Sales Purpose Video Course  will help you increase your win rate, improve margins and turn your team into top performers. The videos are short (two minutes) and they provide tips and tools that you can use right away with your team.

Part One – The Critical Coaching Interventions – You’ll learn:

Part Two – Sales Leadership Diagnostic Tool (WATCH PREVIEW) – You’ll learn how to solve your biggest sales challenges, like:

For the less cost of a client dinner ($99.00) you’ll learn proven techniques to help you drive revenue and improve morale. If you help one rep close one deal, you’ve paid for the entire series.

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Part One – Critical Coaching Interventions


The Night Before the Call

The magic question that will dramatically improve your rep’s presentation and their mindset. Preview Video

10 Minutes Before the Call

Two quick tips to improve the win rate, and how to avoid the stupid comment most managers make that ruins the reps focus.

10 Seconds Before the Call

The 10- Second Game Changer – An innovative mental technique to help your rep be more smarter, stronger and a better problem-solver, no joke! Share this video with your rep.

What to do When the Call is Bombing

How to redirect the call without undermining your rep.

How to help your rep recover when the call was a disaster

What to say and what not to say after your rep bombs a call

What to Do When The Rep Thinks The Call Went Great, But You Know It Was Horrible

How to help your rep take off their blinders, see their mistakes, and learn from them.

What to Do When You Get A Second Chance

How to help your salesperson recover from a disaster, and get the sales cycle back on track.

How to Handle Customer Complaints Without Undermining Your Team

Language and techniques for supporting the customer without getting pulled into the center of the problem.

Seller vs. Coach

Why coaching your top, average and even bottom-level players drives more revenue than trying to close deals on your own.

How to Coach Low-level Performers Without Wasting a Ton of Time

Tips for setting clear expectations that will help you improve them or lose them quickly.

How to Turn Average Performers into Top-tier Superstars

The surprising reframe that improves sales performance quickly.

How to Coach Top-tier Salespeople

Three surprising benefits you get from coaching the reps at the top.

The Prima Donna Syndrome

How to deal with the rep who drives lots of revenue, but is a royal pain to work with.

What To Do After A Rep Closes a Big Deal

How to turn a solo win into group learning that you can leverage with the rest of your team.

Why You’re The Second Most Important Person in Your Sales Rep’s Life

A critical message for new sale leaders, and anyone who needs a leadership boost.

Part Two – Sales Leadership Diagnostic Tools


Diagnosing Sales Challenges

Identifying where you’ll get the biggest wins from your coaching time. Preview Video


Customer Goals vs. Purchase Requirements

Mediocre reps sell to purchase requirements; outstanding reps sell to true customer goals. How to help your reps understand the difference, and avoid the low-value purchasing trap. Preview Video

Reps Who Spend Too Long in the Sales Cycle

4 ways to help your rep shorten the sales cycle and two video tips to share with your team.

Reps Who Can’t Get to the Top Decision maker

How to help your rep get to senior leaders (with you and without you)

Reps Who Get Stuck in Purchasing

How to help your rep get to the senor execs and end-users who will are willing ot pay more for a value- added solution.

How Do You Deal with Whiners?

What to do when your reps whines for lower prices, more services and things you can’t afford or don’t want to do.

The Myth of Poor Closing Skills

Bad closing skills are a merely symptom. How to identify and solve the real root cause of lost sales.

Turning Low Value “Visits” Into High Value Sales Calls

How to shift reps from activity to action. A must for anyone in pharma, medical sales or referral development.

How to Deal with Reps Who Always Need a Lower Price

Why your actions at the beginning of the sales cycle determine your profit margin at the end, and how to help your rep reframe your value story.

Why Objections Don’t Have to Be Fatal

3 techniques to help your team be more effective in dealing with pricing, competition, and other common obstacles.

Why Most Presentations Are Awful (and How to Fix Them)

2 tips for helping your reps make their presentations more effective and engaging.

How To Keep Your Sales Meeting From Being Boring

3 tips to keep people engaged and get them ready to sell.

Why Overemphasizing Sales Goals Decreases Revenue

How your role as the manager determines the narrative of your sales team.

How to Get People to Buy Into Your Ideas

Why providing context and framing up front makes your ideas more powerful – A proven technique to share with your reps.

How to Use These Videos With Your Team

Taking your team to the next level.

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