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How Smart People Can Get Better At Everything

The Airplane Experiment: Role Reversal Gone Awry

Wouldn’t it be great if your boss had to spend a week doing your job?  Or your spouse had to take care of your jobs? When you’re feeling low, it’s…Read more

Three Ways to Deal with the Poison Person

Is your husband’s boss ruining your marriage? It’s simply stunning at how one negative person can seep into the lives of so many others. Their prickly tentacles insert themselves into…Read more

Two Easy Ways to Make Yourself Happier at Work

Everyone has bad days at work. If you love, or at least like your job, the bad days aren’t many. But most, because most jobs involve people, including yourself, who…Read more

Three Ways to Leverage the Power of the Pause

I confess; I crowbar things. If I find myself with 10 minutes free, I’ll crowbar in a phone call. If I see a blank spot on my calendar, I’ll crowbar…Read more

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    Why Your Son-In-Law Will See You Naked, and 2 Other Life Truths

Why Your Son-In-Law Will See You Naked, and 2 Other Life Truths

It’s funny, you can observe what happens to your parents and relatives. But for some reason, you just don’t believe those circumstances will ever apply to you. As I contemplate…Read more

Are Your Greatest Strengths Holding You Back?

I like to talk. A lot. My talkativeness has won me business, forged friendships, and been the bedrock of my career. My talkativeness has also made me overbearing, ruined relationships,…Read more

Why Redundant Paperwork is Ruining Everything

How many forms did you have to fill out the last time you went to the doctor? Was it fun? Why is it that Kroger knows what kind of conditioner…Read more

3 Big Fears

Humans are complicated. We have physical fears, like being afraid of fire ants or going bungee jumping. We may over exaggerate these fears, but they’re based on a semi logical…Read more

Why Working At Home Isn’t The Problem Or The Solution

People often ask me how I can work from home. They say, “I’d be so distracted. I would have a hard time not watching TV or doing the laundry.”  …Read more

5 Ways to Stay Focused During Times of Uncertainty

Do you know exactly where you going to be a year from now? How about two years from now? If you think you know exactly what the future holds for…Read more

3 Mistaken Beliefs about conflict, and how to overcome them

Are you a conflict-avoider? Nobody likes conflict, but avoiding conflict usually winds up being even more painful than addressing it. If you work or live with a conflict-avoider, or you're…Read more

The Stupid Mistake Most People Make When Choosing A Career

What did you want to be when you grew up? A dancer, fireman, rock star? Or maybe an astronaut? When I was 10 I told my mom I wanted to…Read more

Why People Fail and How To Stop It

Why do people fail? Is it because they're lazy or incompetent?  Perhaps the Universe conspires against us sometimes.  We tend to think of failure as catastrophic. It’s a big scary…Read more

How Apologizing Makes You More Powerful

There are two kinds of “I’m sorry.”  The kind where you feel bad for the other person, and the kind where you take personal responsibility for what went wrong. The…Read more

Are You An Additive Person Or A Subtractive One?

It started with stuffing. But then, as Southern family fights tend to do, it went from stuffing to sweet potatoes to full fledged character assassination. It’s the kind of fight…Read more

How to Differentiate Yourself in 1 Minute Flat

Can a single pivotal behavior elevate the culture of your entire organization? It can if it's the right behavior. Here's how a simple 1 minute act helped an organization outperform…Read more

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What’s keeping you from happiness? If you’re like most people you can list the obstacles standing between you and bliss. We all want to be happy. When we’re not, we’re…Read more

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