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Is Screen Time Improving Your Relationships?

In our click, tweet, screen culture, it’s easy to say that we’ve become dehumanized. For many organizations, customers and people are treated like a number in the virtual queue. The problem is not the technology. One need look no further than Facebook to see how the right technology can.

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The Caffeinated Leader: Why We Abuse Our Best Asset

How many times do you need a hit of caffeine or sugar just to get through the day? If you’ve got a day job, you’re probably well acquainted with exhaustion at the office.   Forty-two percent of people are getting by on less than six hours of sleep a.

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The Power to Get Things Done – Whether You Feel Like It or Not

You find yourself trolling Reddit or online shopping for new Post-it notes before completing that single aggravating task. You know you need to make the client phone call, it’s important for your success, you promised yourself you would do it, but somehow, it falls to the bottom of the.

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Don’t Pursue Happiness, Choose Something More Nuanced

Viktor Frankl once said: It is the very pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness. As humans, we tend to pursue outcomes. Yet often what we really desire is experiences that create more nuanced feelings. For example, a client of mine set a goal to take a trip to Paris.

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Three Secrets for Increasing Your Happiness by 20%

How many moments of your life are happy?  If you’re like most people your life is a mix of up and downs.  Happy moments, interspersed with lots of boring moments, and probably a few periods of absolute misery. It’s unrealistic to expect that you can create a life that.

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If you really loved me, you would . . .

Her mother let her go to school with roaches in her book bag when she was seven.  Their home was entirely dysfunctional, people floating in and out, lots of weed and other drugs.  The water and power were often turned off.  There were no regular meals, and food was.

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Share If You Agree: 5 tips for Netiquette

Remember when everyone said email was going to save us so much time?  How’s that working out for you? Progress comes with its price. The printing press spawned junk mail.  Alexander Graham Bell’s fabulous phone begat tele-marketers. Now, thanks to the accessibility of the web, people have gone trigger.

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Find Grace in the Moment

Ten years ago, I had an ‘aha’ that helped me become happier, and more effective at work. It happened when I was in Chicago to run a seminar. From the moment I came up on stage, I could tell that the attendees didn’t want to be there. As their.

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Roman Diana - Gravestone

Our Black Ancestry: A Personal Story

When my friend Diana told me about her family legacy, I was stunned. But no more stunned than when she discovered it herself. Here, in her own words, is Diana Roman’s story: My mother’s frequent phrase was, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.” It’s engraved on.

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Leadership Lessons from Monica Lewinsky

Leaders aren’t ruined by their mistakes. They’re ruined by their response to their mistakes. Monica Lewinsky’s recent TED talk, “The Price of Shame” illustrates how the right words with the right tone can reframe even the most demoralizing of situations.  In 22 short minutes Lewinsky transforms public perception, moving from.

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