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The Nobility of Business Owners

Why do you go to work?  For many people work is a means to an end.  They work because they want/need a paycheck. But ask an entrepreneur why they chose their profession, and you’ll find a story about love and passion, the story also usually involves exhaustion. Let’s face.

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Would You Get 3 Out Of 5 Stars?

What if everyone who interacted with you had the opportunity to rate your performance? Guess what? They already do. Peruse LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Yelp, and you’ll see personal comments on everyone from CEOs to a specific waitress at a coffee shop. changed the game on professors by giving.

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How to Decode Millennials for Fun and Profit

It seems like it happens overnight. One minute you’re the young upstart; the next minute you’re the oldest person in the room. If it suddenly feels like you’re the only one who remembers the Partridge family, there’s a reason. The number of young people in the workforce has exploded. .

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What’s the ROI on Friendship?

Who are your five closest friends?  Did you intentionally choose them?  Or are they circumstantial friends? Whether you realize it or not, your closest friends set the bar for what you consider to be normal.  For example, if you’re a B student and all your friends get C’s, you’ll.

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The Purist Trap: Why Your Enthusiasm May Be Off-Putting

“I’m not sure he really believes in this.”  The project manager was frustrated because he felt like his boss was just giving lip service to his initiative. Have you ever been in a situation where you’re passionate about something, yet you wonder if the people around you are just.

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The Real Reason People Mistrust Financial Advisors

(and how honest bankers can avoid being “that guy”) You’ve seen the ads for financial advisors.  They tell you, “Customers are our most important asset” or “We care about your future.”  Based on their marketing messages, one would think the industry is filled with professionals whose sole purpose is.

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Manager vs. leader: Three situations where your words give you away

Are you a manager or a leader?   One way to quickly identify where someone sits on the manager leader spectrum is to look at their language. The language of a manager is task–oriented.  It’s about what needs to be done today, and how to do it. A leader’s language.

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Unpacking the Seemingly Intangible Qualities of Executive Presence

Have you ever walked into a meeting, looked around the table and immediately known who was in charge? It’s not their seat placement; it’s their presence. The best leaders exude an espirit de corps that sets them apart. Suzanne Bates, CEO of Bates Communications says, “For years, executive presence.

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Don’t Pursue Happiness, Choose Something More Nuanced

Viktor Frankl once said: It is the very pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness. As humans, we tend to pursue outcomes. Yet often what we really desire is experiences that create more nuanced feelings. For example, a client of mine set a goal to take a trip to Paris.

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Don’t Ask for Favors, do Favors

Do you ask your friends or clients for favors? This subject came up in a discussion with a group of consultants.  The specific question was:  Is it appropriate to ask a client (or someone you know) about job openings for a colleague?  The perception was that by asking someone.

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