Unpacking the Seemingly Intangible Qualities of Executive Presence

Have you ever walked into a meeting, looked around the table and immediately known who was in charge? It’s not their seat placement; it’s their presence. The best leaders exude an espirit de corps that sets them apart. Suzanne Bates, CEO of Bates Communications says, “For years, executive presence.

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Don’t Pursue Happiness, Choose Something More Nuanced

Viktor Frankl once said: It is the very pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness. As humans, we tend to pursue outcomes. Yet often what we really desire is experiences that create more nuanced feelings. For example, a client of mine set a goal to take a trip to Paris.

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Don’t Ask for Favors, do Favors

Do you ask your friends or clients for favors? This subject came up in a discussion with a group of consultants.  The specific question was:  Is it appropriate to ask a client (or someone you know) about job openings for a colleague?  The perception was that by asking someone.

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Why Keeping Emotion Out of the Workplace is a Terrible Idea

Professionalism often translates to lack of emotion. On the surface, it might not seem like being a professional would require you to stuff your emotions. Yet that’s exactly what many work cultures unconsciously promote. The crisis of disengaged employees (over 55% of people) reveals that many people feel dead.

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Negotiating: What we can learn from the ladies of The Bachelor

Most people don’t like to negotiate.  But almost everyone wants to be a better negotiator, if for no other reason, than people don’t want to overpay for a car or a consulting contract. We tend to talk about negotiating as it pertains to business deals, but anyone who has.

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Beautiful Questions Versus Exhausting Questions

What kinds of questions are driving your life?  Are they beautiful questions, or exhausting questions? The poet and consultant Libby Wagner, who specializes in leadership language says, “A beautiful question by nature is expansive rather than restrictive.” Wagnerwho draws upon the work of the late Irish poet, John O’Donahue.

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Share If You Agree: 5 tips for Netiquette

Remember when everyone said email was going to save us so much time?  How’s that working out for you? Progress comes with its price. The printing press spawned junk mail.  Alexander Graham Bell’s fabulous phone begat tele-marketers. Now, thanks to the accessibility of the web, people have gone trigger.

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Three Things That Will Endear You to Your Family and Friends

I lost my Dad, Jay Earle, last week after a 6-month battle with cancer. Regular readers know my father’s stories: The skinny 1950s teen who played sax in a dance band with Warren Beatty, the 18-year-old who became a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy by volunteering for dirty jobs,.

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Guilty Volunteer Please Put Your Hand Down

Are you a guilty volunteer? A guilty volunteer is someone who can’t say no, but then resents saying yes. For example, if the emails say, “We need helpers for field day.”  Do you translate that it into, “The school or church will crumble into dust if you don’t help.

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Why Business is a Force for Good, Yes Really

Cut to the evil businessman cackling as he counts his coins while his workers slave away in the salt mines, giving their lifeblood for his riches.  We all know the story.  It’s the common narrative of pop culture movies and TV shows. But what if this old story isn’t.

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