Don’t Pursue Happiness, Choose Something More Nuanced

Viktor Frankl once said: It is the very pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness. As humans, we tend to pursue outcomes. Yet often what we really desire is experiences that create more nuanced feelings. For example, a client of mine set a goal to take a trip to Paris.

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Guilty Volunteer Please Put Your Hand Down

Are you a guilty volunteer? A guilty volunteer is someone who can’t say no, but then resents saying yes. For example, if the emails say, “We need helpers for field day.”  Do you translate that it into, “The school or church will crumble into dust if you don’t help.

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Three Big Mistakes That Ruin Good Projects

Where do you start a painting project?  Or any type of project? I was refinishing some furniture recently, and found myself thinking about the three classic mistakes that people make when managing project workflow. Mistake #1 – Starting with the most visible parts first Years ago, whenever I was.

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Three Ways to Keep the Quest for the Best from Shortchanging Happiness

Do you remember the first time you flew on an airplane? How about the first time you had ice cream? Or went to a fancy restaurant? Chances are, you were wowed. How about lately? Were you just as thrilled? Oh, how quickly we grow accustomed to niceties. After a.

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Why Beauty Matters at Work, And Not in the Way You Might Think

One of my clients is remodeling their offices.  Employees have to walk through construction everyday, and it’s having a chilling effect on morale.  When deciding how to manage the construction process, my client underestimated the powerful impact that surroundings have on performance. As humans, we’re drawn to beauty.  We’re.

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How To Get People To Buy Into Your Ideas

Stan was excited about his presentation. His proposal was perfect. He was confident the senior leadership team would quickly buy into the brilliance of his plan. He was envisioning a fat promotion. Imagine his surprise when 5 minutes in, the CEO said, “I don’t think so, let’s move to.

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The Rep Who Sells with Noble Purpose (and why competitors should be afraid)

Her name was Karen. She sold the same drug regime as every other rep in her company. Her  geographic territory was a nondescript slice of interstates, strip malls, aging hospitals and understaffed, high stress, fake plant-adorned doctor’s offices, just like the other 450 reps in her organization. Yet year after.

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Why Seeing The Best In Others Can Make You Terrible At Hiring

I admit it;  I’m not very good at hiring people.  My husband is great at it.  The reason I’m terrible and he’s great is because I see people for what they can be.  He sees people for who they actually are right now. I see their long-term potential.  He sees how they’re going to show up.

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Five Ways Sleep Deprivation Can Ruin Your Relationships

Think you’re doing your employer or family a favor by giving up on sleep to get more done? You’re wrong. We may tell ourselves that we’re sacrificing sleep for the benefit of others, but the data says otherwise. Studies show that when you’re exhausted you’re less empathetic, quicker to.

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Why Getting Organized Isn't About the Stuff

What is lack of organization costing you? According to The Wall Street Journal, the average worker wastes about an hour a day looking for missing information in messy desks and files. That’s 20 hours a month, or six working weeks a year lost to disorganization.  Said another way, if.

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