Volunteer Your Way to Success

Which is harder, trying to get a job or trying to keep one? With 14.8 million people unemployed, job competition has never been stiffer. If you’ve already got a job, there are plenty of people out there who are quite eager to take your place. And if you’re looking.

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Creating Systems for Success, Not to Impress

Can you give a great presentation if you have a messy office? Can you be a fabulous parent with laundry strewn all over the house? On the one hand, it might seem like you’re too busy doing your “job” to worry about little details like filing or cleaning out.

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The Mancession: The Numbers Reveal A New Normal

It’s 3:30 on a Thursday afternoon, and instead of a gaggle of mothers waiting outside the elementary school to walk the kiddies home, there’s a herd of dads in Bermuda shorts who look a little embarrassed to be there. It’s being called the Mancession. Men have lost three out.

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Have You Lost Your Mojo?

We’ve all experienced those moments when the planets aligned, everything went our way, and we were on top of the world.  Even if it’s been a while, you probably remember what it felt like. It’s a Mojo moment, and when you’re in it, it feels magnificent. Executive coach Marshall Goldsmith says,.

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Are You Letting a Lizard Ruin Your Relationships?

Do you ever wonder why some people do the things they do? We all have our own unique perspectives and experiences. Our unique point of view is the lens through which we view the world. The good news is we’re all different. The bad news is sometimes we forget.

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Questions: The Magic Words to Make Someone Melt

Everyone is looking for the magic bullet, the secret words that will make our spouse melt, our coworker cooperate and our customer giggle with glee as they sign on the dotted line. After 20 years as a sales and business coach and a decade spent helping people with their.

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The Secret to Solving Problems: Put Solutions On Pause

After a decade of working with CEOs, sales people, managers and individuals, I can promise you there’s no difference between an in-law squabble and the sales vs. accounting turf war.

The subject matter might be different, but the dynamics of the argument are exactly the same. Both sides think they’re.

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The Duality of Parenting: Solving the Authoritarian v. Permissive Quagmire

In an ideal circumstance a child is raised to believe that they are incredibly special, but no more special than anyone else. This single line forever changed the way I viewed my role.

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Optimism v. Pessimism: A Treacherous False Choice

Leave life to the Pollyannas, and they’ll skip us off the edge of a cliff, clutching a copy of “The Secret” to their chest, passionately chanting, “I believe I can fly, I believe I can fly.”

If only all the Eeyores of the world would start thinking more positively, we.

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Civility: Is Lack of Empathy the Real Problem?

The recent rash of rudeness is merely a symptom of a larger problem; we’ve forgotten that other people are human beings, too. They may get in our way in traffic, sing songs we don’t like, make questionable calls on the line, or feel differently about health care than we.

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