What Happens Without a Noble Purpose

A business focused entirely on profit can have a detrimental effect on morale, turnover, and revenue. Lisa McLeod highlights the importance of Noble Purpose.


How to Create a Noble Purpose Statement 

What’s the difference between an average business and an exceptional one? Sales leadership expert Lisa Earle McLeod reveals why Noble Purpose drives better performance.


The Qualitative Metrics: How to Measure Noble Purpose

Lisa Earle McLeod explains the qualitative metrics behind Noble Purpose, and how management can track growth.


Bringing Your Purpose to Life Internally 

How you talk about your customers is critical in transforming to a Noble Purpose focused organization.


Leveraging Your Noble Purpose to Attract Top Talent

Using Purpose to attract top talent in a world where a paycheck just isn’t enough.


Noble Purpose is Ongoing

Lisa McLeod explains how to sustain a company culture surrounding Noble Purpose. Be sure not to lose sight of your Noble Purpose during tough times with these tips.

Noble Purpose: Additional Resources


Five Mindsets of Sales Superstars

What the top performers do differently and how you can turn your mediocre performers into superstars by Monday morning. Includes practical coaching tips for managers.


How Traditional Sales Management Training Sabotages Sales

How to use Noble Sales Purpose™  to drive revenue


McLeod 6-P Framework

Download PDF for team meetings to set goals in each area.


10 Great Questions

How to Get Inside Your Customer, Boss or Colleague’s Brain.


Meeting Prep Tool

To help you be more persuasive and effective in meetings with your clients, boss or coworkers. Our clients report a 50% improvement in outcomes.


What Makes the Top 2% More Successful?

The 5 Critical Mindsets That Differentiate Top Performers From Their More Average Counterparts. A must read for leaders.


Case Study Template

Use this with your sales team to capture critical information about your biggest wins. It will help the rest of the team capitalize on similar opportunities.

PDF version      Word version


The 10 Second Game-Changer

A quick technique to reset yourself (and your team) before an important meeting or sales call. As seen in Selling with Noble Purpose.


The Triangle of Truth

Chapter One What do Elvis, Einstein and Mary Kay know that you don’t? Learn how one simple triangle can solve millions of problems at home and work.

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