3 Not So Romantic Reasons Long Marriages Last

Friends of mine recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. While you can never really be inside someone else’s marriage, this couple seems happy. Not gushing PDA besotted. But during the entire time I’ve know them, they always smile when they say the other person’s name. That’s the “tell.” Pay.

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What’s the Difference Between a Wedding and a Sales Meeting?

I recently officiated my friend’s wedding, Diane was a first time bride at 58, and I married her.  Officiating a wedding is quite a departure from my normal day job. The backstory is so romantic the New York Times covered it.  A little over a year ago my friend, Diane,.

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You Did Not Get Divorced Over a Ham Sandwich

My neighbor thinks his wife divorced him because of a ham sandwich.  He’ll tell anyone who will listen about the crazy woman who left him all because one night, instead of having dinner with the family, he made himself a ham sandwich. That one sandwich ruined 20 years of.

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Ignoring Data is Essential for Optimism

My daughter recently got married. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, I realized the act of getting married is profoundly optimistic. We’re all well-acquainted with the 50% divorce rate. Yet every day, we humans look these odds in the face, and say, we’re doing it anyway. As.

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How to Make People Feel Loved, or at Least Liked

Imagine your spouse calls you to say, “I lost my job.” What are the first words out of your mouth?  Do you blurt out, “Oh god, what are we going to do for money?” Or do you pause, and think about how your spouse feels in this moment? If.

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What’s the ROI on Friendship?

Who are your five closest friends?  Did you intentionally choose them?  Or are they circumstantial friends? Whether you realize it or not, your closest friends set the bar for what you consider to be normal.  For example, if you’re a B student and all your friends get C’s, you’ll.

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