How to Have A Better SKO

“This could have been an email” It’s the ultimate critique of a meeting. It’s bad enough when someone says it, or more likely, texts it to their colleague during a routine presentation. But it’s worse when it happens at an important event like your annual Sales Kick Off (SKO)..

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Team McLeod Has Something New and Cool

Purpose is a hot topic; fast growth organizations are putting purpose at the center of their strategy to improve performance at every level. Yet, too often, sales remain transactional. It doesn’t have to be this way. We wanted to help sales leaders experience the difference between a traditional company.

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Why Your Problem Person is Still a Problem

He’s horrible; send him to training. How many times have you watched this scenario play out?  An employee is performing poorly.  Management gets frustrated.  They decide to send the person to training.  Clearly his behavior must be improved. Sending someone to training is certainly more humane than firing the.

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Are You Being Cheap with Yourself?

How much time and money would you spend to become a better person? One of the fundamental differences between successful people and unsuccessful people is their willingness to invest in themselves. I’m using the word successful holistically to mean people who are happy and high functioning in their chosen.

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Why we Assume the Worst of Others, and How to Stop

She was enthusiastic during the seminar.  The content was spot on. She knew the ideas could help her organization.  But as she thought about her team, she could feel herself deflating.  She was already anticipating their cynicism.  The disparity between her aspirations and reality felt like a heavy weight..

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What Can You Learn From a Meerkat

Have you ever tried to eat a live scorpion? I hope not. But if you ever want to try, get a meerkat to train you.  Adult meerkats have to teach their young pups how to dismantle a live venomous scorpion and then eat it. They’re a great model for.

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No One Needs to Know How Awful They Are

Have you ever worked for a terrible communicator? Perhaps you have a family member who routinely criticizes everyone. There’s nothing like the dysfunctions of others to bring out the beast in us. When I was in my twenties and thirties, I spent the better part of a decade as.

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How to Improve Retention in 10 Minutes

We all know turnover is costly.  But the costs extend far beyond having to rehire. When you factor in leadership time, loss of momentum, and customer retention, the dollars rise and the impact expands. We also know the younger generation, millennials, change jobs at more than three times the.

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